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KoBioLabs is recognized for its international level of technical skills by publishing a number of domestic and foreign patent papers
in the fields of microbiome analysis, probiotics, and microbiome treatment technologies of various samples.
In particular, our researchers are recognized both domestically and internationally,
as well as internationally, as they represent Korea at the ongoing Interaional Human Microome Consortium [IHMC].


Microbiome is a compound word of Microbiota and Genome, which are "microbiota and symbiotic microorganisms in the human body."

Second Genome

The human microbiome is more than twice as many cells as the pure body, and more than 100 times more genes, so it's called the second genomic.

Technology Trends

Microbiome is widely used in the development of new drugs and the study of treatments for incurable diseases, and is also used in various fields such as food and cosmetics.

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KoBioLabs will do its best to realize the high level of research achievements of the best experts in the relevant field and as a valuable asset to society.

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