Microbiome Therapeutics


Human Microbiome Drug
Selected as one of 10 breakthrough technologies by Science in 2011
Microbiome technology selected as the 21st century next-generation core value-added industry by World Economic Forum in 2014: "Ten New Technologies to Change the Future"
The U.S. White House Announced a "National Microbiome Initiative" in May 2015

  • 01   Analysis on Human Body-Microbial Connection:

    Determination of the connections between individuals, diseases, and their microbiome and the identification of biomarkers

  • 02  Identification of disease-related intestinal microorganisms—pure separation:

    Establishment of a microbiome biobank for each effect based on a biomarker

  • 03   New microbiome drug development:

    Starting new drug clinical trials based on the working mechanism and preclinical test

Analysis on the association of
human body-microbiota

Human diseases

Microbiome analysis

Identification of disease-related intestinal
microorganisms—pure separation


Securing biologics and materials

High-throughput screening system

Microbiome metabolic disease
control technology

- Microbiome modulator

- Combination of functional materials
derived from human microbiome

- Preclinical animal experiments

- Prototypes


Pure isolation and the identification of intestinal microorganisms

  • Probiotics
  • Synbiotics
  • Prebiotics
  • Functional identification

    - In vitro high-throughput screening

    - In vivo animal experiments

    - human body application tests

  • Safety testing

    - In vitro high-throughput screening

    - In vivo animal experiments

    - human body application tests

  • Standardization of raw materials

    - establishment of indicator materials

    - standardization of analysis methods


Certified as an individual recognition-type functional raw material by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety

Development of microbiome-based functional health foods

Companion diagnosis

  • HMP-based microbiome diagnostic markers
  • Detection of microbiome
    marker DNA
  • Fast and accurate
    diagnosis of diseases