Platform Technology & Pipeline

Microbiome Therapeutics


Microbiome DB3,000people Human Microbiome DB of over 2,000 healthy Koreans including twins cohort - Twins Cohort : The optimal design for studying the influences of microbiome on host Patient cohort secured from top-tier hospitals in Korea (700 patients w/liver disease) Exploring the causality between human microbiome and target disease
Microbiome Biobank5,000isolates Collection of bacteria utilized for functional assay Over 5,000 bacterial isolates identified from human donor samples - GRAS bacteria (e.g. Lactobacillus) and other anaerobic bacteria Robust process from isolation to culture (in-house)
Microbiome Mining10candidates In-depth microbiome analysis of biological samples with clinical metadata - Identification of microbes differentiating the disease state from the healthy state Quick search for therapeutic candidates through well-structured evaluation system - Strains(single or consortia) or bioactive molecules(peptides, proteins, metabolites, glycans)

Human Microbiome Data combined with Clinical Metadata

Exploring the causality between human microbiome and target disease by metagenomics sequencing and analysis

Microbiome Biobank – Isolation & Characterization

Collection of 5,000 bacterial isolates identified from human samples

Lead Identification and Validation

Search for therapeutic candidates (bacterial strains or bioactive molecules)

  • Well-Structured in vitro & in vivo evaluation

    Quick Search for Lead

  • Elucidation of MoA


Target Therapeutic Area



Companion diagnosis

  • HMP-based microbiome diagnostic markers
  • Detection of microbiome
    marker DNA
  • Fast and accurate
    diagnosis of diseases